We search the world and bring you most innovative and delicious Plant-based Food that really mimics that of animal origin, so your clients can have all the taste and joy of the food they love and none of its negative impacts.


Plant-based burgers that look like ground beef, cook like ground beef, with that sizzling mouth-watering sensation, and taste like ground beef. Chicken that is not chicken but looks, cooks and tastes like chicken. Sausages so real you won’t be able to distinguish from animal origin.

Because consumers are more and more concerned about their health, the animal welfare, climate change and sustainability of the planet.


We’re here to help you create healthy, innovative and exciting menus that wow your customers.


What we eat can change the world. Let’s do it together!

What we eat can change the world

Main reasons supporting Plant-based Food

Healthy food

Free of Cholesterol, antibiotics and hormones.

Animal welfare

No suffering at factory farming, no sacrifice.

Climate change

Livestock accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions.


More than 9 billion people by 2050 and no meat for all.

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¡La proteína del futuro llega a España!

Te traemos la #BeyondBurger de @BeyondMeat


La revolucionaria hamburguesa que parece, se cocina, satisface como la carne ¡y es 100% VEGETAL!
Sin soja, sin gluten, sin transgénicos, con 20gr de proteína ¡y un sabor que convence a los más carnívoros!
No te quedes sin ellas en tu restaurante o catering.

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